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Due to the modular and self-framing design of the Parkline buildings, they are the perfect fit as a pre-erected solution. With site permit and construction issues, these as pre-erected, fully ready to use upon delivery are a very option in today's marketplace. Any size that can ship over the road can be pre-assembled, including complete and code compliant HVAC and Electrical systems and controls ready to go when off-loaded and hooked to the site utilities. Buildings can have complete insulated floor systems or have perimeter skid systems to bear on foundation/slab by others or can be shipped with embedded and recessed skid systems in which the mandoors recess to the floor elevation with no tripping hazards. These have a multitude of end uses such as:

  • Elevated loading buildings for rail and barge
  • Barge deck loaders and storage
  • Meter/Chromatograph Buildings
  • MCC Buildings
  • Sample buildings
  • Relocatable sheds/guardhouses
  • Many other applications